FAQ For Export

1. How to make orders?

Click Car export and select your choice cars and Email or fax us, we will reply to you. Our contact are as follows:


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2. Can I order cars that are not in your website?

Yes, all you have to do is, email us your requirements, like types, model, price, & etc. We will do our best to source them on your behalf with no extra cost.

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3. How to confirm my Order?

In order for us to expedite your order, please fully endorse on the Confirmation Order form faxed or emailed to you, with your company’s stamp, authorized signature/s, date and fax it back to us immediately.

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4. How do I make payments for my Booking?

All payments are by Telegraphic Transfer. 

Payments in Singapore Dollars (SGD) please remits by TT

Company Name: JN Motor Trading
Swift Code: OCBC SG SG
Bank Account Nos: 667-411300-001
Address: Tampines South Singapore

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5. When will I receive all of my Documents?

All the originals documents shall be courier out to you within 3 days by DHL or FedEx after the Vessel had departure from Singapore.

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6. How are Ocean Freight Charges & Insurance be paid?

All Freight charges & insurance are payable to us together by T.T remittance. Please pay in full before the vessel/carrier departure from Singapore.

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7. Do I have a Choice of my shipping Agency or Carrier?

Yes, you are free to choose your own choice of shipping agency and in such cases, please pay directly to your appointed shipping agency and also please do inform us of the person in-charge, their contact telephone so we could liaise with them.
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8. Who shall pay for Import duties, inwards port charges, taxes or vat?

It shall be the full responsibilities of the consignee’s at the port of discharge (your country's port). Please do check with your country's importation's rules & regulations, taxes and vat, before placing an order.

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9. Will my car shipment be delay?

Yes it will. There are four possible reasons for the delay:
1. Due to the carrier's late ETA & ETD in from Singapore,
2. Due to payment not been paid in full before the vessel departure from Singapore,
3. Due to late Telegraphic Transfer remittance to us,
4. Due to no shipment schedule for that particular date.

Therefore Bando Auto.Com shall not be held liable for any delay shipment and in order to avoid any disappointment of delays, please remits as early as possible.

Thank you for doing business with Us and we look forward in doing more with you in near future.

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